Trinity Reed is a symbol for Reedsville, Ohio - a small midwestern town of no more than 300 people on the Ohio river, bordering West Virginia.  Being raised by her grandparents in a family whose roots in the town date back to the Civil War, Trinity Reed (13) is surrounded by a brother and male cousins her age in a place that is deep in hunting and wilderness with little female influence aside from her grandmother, Sue, and occasionally a visiting older cousin.  This geographic area faces many issues; joblessness and poverty, farmland bought out by corporate gravel companies, bordering ex-coal towns, drug and health epidemics, trends of grandparents raising children, political underrepresentation, and more.  While many aspects of the small one-street town turn to a sense of declining hope for the future, the Reed family and their neighbors are brought up strong in values of faith and community. 

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